Customers do know what they want!

People know what they want, a solution!

  • Realize that there are people with a problem or need to be solved;
  • Understand very well what this problem or need is;
  • Understand what motivates people to want this problem or need to be solved.

Problem: People took too long to move around

Problem: parents want to go to the restaurant with their young children and want to have a quiet lunch

Problem: people want to re-educate nutritionally so they can have a more balanced diet, lose weight, and feel better.

Many times people do not know what the problem is

  • Mr. Smith, what mostly afflicts you?
  • Mr. Ford, what mostly afflicts me is that I spend little time with my family.
  • And why is that?
  • Because I spend too much time in the cart going around. If I could include one more horse pulling my cart, it would go faster and I could spend more time with my family.
  • Oh, I understand your problem, and I have an even better solution for you, it is called an automobile.

And sometimes people do not know they have a problem

Whose problems should I solve?

What a cool technology!

Summing up

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Digital product development advisor, mentor, board member. And open water swimmer!

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Joca Torres

Joca Torres

Digital product development advisor, mentor, board member. And open water swimmer!

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