Full-time product leadership coach

New public training

To celebrate this decision, I’m launching my very first public training, to help product leaders create vision and strategy for their products.

  • Concepts and tools: In the first two days you will learn about several important topics to help you create your product vision and strategy. Maybe you know some of these concepts, but it’s always good to review before getting your hands dirty! I will also share the tools I use to create product vision and strategy.
  • Hands-on: You will have a week to prepare the first version of your product vision and strategy. After this one week, we will have two days for you to present your product vision and strategy for participant comments and insights.
  • One-on-one mentoring: You can then schedule a one-on-one mentoring time with me to talk about your product vision and strategy, as well as any other digital product management and development topics.

Digital product education, coaching and advisory

I’ve been helping companies bridge the gap between business and technology through education, coaching, and advisory services on digital product development and management. Check here how I can help you and your company.

Digital Product Management Books

Do you work with digital products? Do you want to know more about how to manage a digital product to increase its chances of success, solve its user’s problems and achieve the company objectives? Check out my Digital Product Management bundle with my 3 books where I share what I learned during my 30+ years of experience in creating and managing digital products:



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Joca Torres

Joca Torres


Digital product development advisor, coach, and board member. Also an open water swimmer and ukulelist.