Growth: listening to your users’ feedback

Dealing with user feedback

Here are some tips on how to deal with this feedback:


It is important to answer quickly to feedback. That will create a perception for those who are behind the software product that you care about the comments and the users of your system. This will build a positive image for your product.


Don’t tell your users that you are going to implement some feature at any given moment in the future if you don’t have plans to do so, or if this is a very remote possibility. If this is the case, only thank them for the suggestion.


These people giving you feedback are providing very valuable information. Even if they don’t write polite words about your product, what they are saying is good for you to understand how they perceive it.


Especially in the beginning, you will get lots and lots of feature suggestions: mobile version, more predictive operation, knowing the user and auto-filling data, and so on.


Although the feedback from your users is telling you a lot, you must not consider them your only source of learning. You must get into usage statistics of your software product as a tool to understand how it is being used. The number of times people access it, the amount of data they put into the system, after how long they come back, all that you must be able to extract from your database and from your access statistics report.


There are other ways through which you can get feedback from your users. Your website holds a blog so you can tell the news about your product, doesn’t it? In the comments section, you will certainly get plenty of good information.

Example of hurry to act due to feedback

Soon after launching ContaCal, the software product I mentioned in the chapter Innovation: a lot of opportunities, many users commented that it would be cool to provide the possibility of controlling not only the number of calories ingested but also the number of calories spent. From hearing people asking for this feature, it got stuck in my mind as an important feature to be implemented. Maybe I could even be losing new users’ subscriptions for not having it, or users were giving up on using the system because of its inexistence.

Crossing the chasm

Crossing the chasm that separates the first clients, those enthusiasts who love to test every new product, from the rest of the market is not an easy task. There is even a whole book talking about the subject, one that I’ve mentioned a few times, Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey A. Moore.

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