Leading product managers

Just as not every good developer can become a good developer manager, so do product managers. The same way as the skills a person has to manage software developers are different from the skills a developer needs to have to be a good software developer, the skills a manager of product managers needs to have to manage product managers are different from the skills that a product manager needs to have to manage his product.

So what does a manager of product managers do?

A manager of product managers has basically two concerns, one tactical and one strategic:

To be a good manager of product managers, it is important that the person has already been a product manager, that is, she has already put his hands on it and took care of the tactical and strategic issues of a product. This will help her when managing the work of other product managers.

However, care must be taken not to do the work in place of the product manager rather than to help him develop and do his work. Note that in both of the concerns I described earlier, I used “help product managers”. Having already been a product manager, it is tempting for the manager of product managers, at a time when a product manager under his leadership is struggling to do his job, to jump in on the job herself. The job of the manager of product managers is not to do the product manager’s job, but to teach and help him do his job.

If you have no experience as a product manager but find yourself coordinating the work of product managers (as may be the case with a CTO or an engineering team manager), the previous recommendations are worthwhile. That is, helping product managers perform better and help them create the vision and strategy for their products.

You may have some difficulty with not being a product manager yourself, but because you have been working with software product development, you have probably worked with product managers and have a good idea of what to expect of this role.

Digital Product Leadership

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