Lean Product Secrets is a 3 book bundle that brings together the hands-on experience of three successful digital products enthusiasts. Get to know theirs secrets for idealizing and evolving products, and their combined experience on Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, and Product Lifecycle Management.

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The thing is, two of these E-Books are in the way to their printed edition, so they won´t stay available as E-Books on LeanPub for much longer. So we decided to create a special bundle price to let you keep a copy of these E-Books.

We will keep updating the E-Books until they are officially released. This way you will have early access to their official first edition releases. Enjoy it:


This book bundle includes 3 books:

  • To the point: a recipe for creating lean products, by Paulo Caroli. Agile projects place emphasis on early and continuous delivery of valuable software, according to the business objectives and the needs of the primary users. Lean product creation promotes incremental release of the product — MVP, the minimum viable product, or the simpler version of a product that can be made available to the business. But how to understand the MVP and start an agile project as quickly as possible? How to ensure the team start the product creation with a shared understanding and an effective plan? This book provides you with a recipe, the technique “To the Point”: a sequence of activities to understand and plan for the incremental delivery of MVPs. This technique organizes product ideas and features in a model that helps to kick start the product creation on a proven track. These are some of the recipe activities (or ingredients): product vision, product objectives, personas, features, prioritization, user journeys, mapping values , understanding risk and effort, estimation, capacity planning, MVP understanding and MVP sequencing.
  • The Lean Product Guide, A practitioner’s guide to building viable products customers love, by Linda Luu e Paulo Caroli. This ebook is a curated collection of methods and practices for creating digital products using Agile and Lean principles. At ThoughtWorks we build custom products and work closely with our clients to evolve practices that adapt to their industry and environments. Our coachees told us they don’t have time to read long lengthy books about the theory of lean product development, or to sort through the dozen or so books to understand the basics of building products (strategy, user experience, user research, agile, scrum, kanban, stories, testing, continuous delivery, continuous integration, … the list is long!). They also told us they want a reference guide of information on practical tools, activities and tips that they can follow along. So we created this guide as a curated collection of hand picked techniques, tools and practices for lean product development. You’ll learn how to: Deliver customer value faster by reducing time from “concept to cash”, Validate early product concepts, solutions and features, Thin slice your product idea to enable frequent releases of value and Apply lean, six sigma and agile delivery methods for product development.
  • Product Management: Delight your customers with your software, by Joaquim Torres, translated to English by Paulo Caroli. Thinking about many software product issues, some companies that are considered experts on software development began to adopt a new expertise in its software development process, Software Product Management. This role aims to ensure that software being developed meets the objectives of its owner while it also meets the needs of its users. In addition, a person in this role has to consider all aspects of the software that I mentioned earlier. Some agile methodologies such as Scrum, have the role of the Product Owner, whose main responsibility is to prioritize items to be developed. In a way this is what a Software Product Manager does, but there’s a little bit more to be be covered by this role. That’s what we’ll talk about in this book. :-)

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