Measuring and managing productivity


  • Objective: Increase the cadence of deploys in production;
  • KR: Increase the number of deploys per week to at least 3 (the more the better);
  • KR: Reduce the maximum number of new features per deploy to a maximum of 10.

What impacts productivity

Place the topic of productivity at the center of the discussion

Summing up

  • There is no silver bullet to increase the productivity of a product development team. However, there are two essential tools to help achieve this goal.
  • The first tool is measurement. There is no way to improve something that is not measured. What is product development speed? It is important to have a clear definition of this metric and its measurement.
  • The second tool is to bring the topic of productivity to the center of the discussion. Everyone on the product development team is responsible for the team’s productivity. Therefore, by bringing the topic to the center of the discussion, everyone will be able to collaborate to improve productivity.

Digital Product Management Books

  • Startup Guide: How startups and established companies can create profitable digital products
  • Product Management: How to increase the chances of success of your digital product
  • Leading Product Development: The art and science of managing product teams

Digital product development advisor, mentor, board member. And open water swimmer!

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Joca Torres

Joca Torres

Digital product development advisor, mentor, board member. And open water swimmer!

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