New product: in-company training

Now that I’m a full-time product leadership coach, I’ve managed to design a product that I believe will help many companies and their product development teams connect business and technology to generate more and more results for both the company and its customers. It’s in-company training.

It is tailor-made training. The topics that will be covered are defined together to meet the specific needs of each company. Training can range from a 2-hour session to 16 hours of training depending on the content to be covered. Longer sessions can be delivered in full-day face-to-face training sessions or divided into smaller 2 or 3-hour sessions, suitable for remote training.

If you believe that this is a product that can be useful for your company, please contact me by email or WhatsApp.


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Joca Torres

Digital product development advisor, coach, and board member. Also an open water swimmer and ukulelist.