New Year, new job: come live in Brazil and work at ContaAzul!

We are driven by the belief that every Brazilian business owner deserves success.

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Driven by this purpose, we are building our easy-to-use cloud business platform that connects the business owner to her accountant and everything she needs to be free to achieve success.

To build this platform, we need the best professionals in the world to compose our product development team that, as I explained in this article, is composed of UX designers, product owners (PO) and software engineers.

Here are all the open positions in our product development team:

Do you want to know more about ContaAzul? Get to know a bit of our culture in our culture blog and our careers page.

In addition to working with an incredible purpose, which can significantly improve the lives of millions of small entrepreneurs and Brazil’s economy, you'll be working with top professionals in a company that has a sensational culture.

Besides, you can move to and live in Brazil, the sixth largest economy in the world! ContaAzul is located at a city called Joinville, one of the best Brazilian cities to live. Close to great beaches of Santa Catarina state and beautiful mountains. I moved from São Paulo, the largest Brazilian city, to Joinville about 1.5 years ago with my wife and daughter and I can attest how great is living at Joinville!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us!

If you are interested or have any questions about open positions, ContaAzul or working in Brazil, please send me an email at

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Digital product development advisor, mentor, board member. And open water swimmer!

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