Produktmanagement is the name of my book in German

Sometime ago Paulo Caroli decided to translate my Product Management book into English. We are still working on this translation but a TWer colleague of Paulo, Katja Bethke, decided to translate the book into German. Here’s the reason why she decided to translate my book:

“My first two years at ThoughtWorks were very stressful for me: as a business analyst from the “traditional” software development world, I learned my way into the product and service world. In 2017 I had the pleasure to participate in a supra-regional leadership program that ended with a wonderful graduation day where all participants were allowed to present their personal “Leadership Journey”. For me, this was a very personal reflection of my career in the IT world so far, on the other hand, it was an incredibly inspiring day to hear the stories of my colleagues.

At last “liberated” again and inspired to continue along the path it was on the way back from London to Berlin that Joca’s book fell into my hands. I got sucked into the world of product managers and here another story is repeated …

In the preface to the English translation, my colleague Paulo Caroli writes: “Unfortunately, the flight home […] was a short one. I could not stop reading the book and I could not stop. The cab ride was not pleasant as I kept trying to read during it. […] I realized Joca created something really important to the software development industry. Right there and then I decided to start translating (and editing) it. “

Replace “English” with “German” and so you hold the sequel in your hands today.

I would like to thank Paulo and Joca for being able to approach the subject of product management in their shoes and their spontaneous support to help me make this text accessible to a German readership.”

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If you want to know more about Katja, here’s how she describes herself:

“Katja is a product engineer at ThoughtWorks with over 15 years of experience in custom software development, primarily in global corporations. As an IT consultant, she worked for companies in Germany, England and the USA as a business analyst and getting-things-to-the-user master.

Her passion is to bring traditional companies to the digital world through technical innovation, with an uncompromising focus on adding value to the consumer and end users.

Katja is a graduate engineer in technical computer science, Furtwangen and graduate computer scientist in medical informatics, Heidelberg.”

Checkout the book cover:

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and here’s some translated content:

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Do you want to read my book in German?

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Do you want to translate my book into other languages so we can help more people around the world improve the chances of success of their software development efforts? Mail me!

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