UX and product management

What is UX?

UX in Product Development Process

In the product development process, UX is responsible for thoroughly understanding the user and the problem to be solved for that user. The following figure illustrates well the role of UX as well as product engineering and product management in the development process.

  • Know and understand customers and users of products and services;
  • Bring the user to the project focus;
  • Make design decisions more humane and less abstract.

What else do UX people do?

Another point where UX people actively participate is in defining and tracking metrics. As I said in the Growth: what is a roadmap? chapter, every item in a roadmap must have its motivation and its metrics. The UX designer should know very well what this motivation is when she designs the prototype and should work closely with the product manager and engineering team to define which metrics to follow to measure if the motivation has been hit.

What is the relationship between UX and product management?

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, the fact that the product manager is responsible for defining the product to be made can give the impression that UX reports to product management. This is an incorrect view, and if the areas see it with this reporting structure, the chances of the product failing increase because people who feel subordinate have less commitment to the outcome. UX and product management, as well as software engineering, should be viewed as a team, with no reporting relationship and functioning as collaborating partners to produce the best product possible.

Oh, and there’s one more thing!

Like product engineers, some UX designers turn out to be great product managers. It’s important to be able to figure out when a designer is looking for “something else to do” and give him that career choice. At Locaweb we have great product managers who were UX designers. In some cases, they ended up becoming product managers of the product for which they were responsible for UX. On the other hand, there are also some UX designers who try product management and don’t like it.

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