What is digital product management?

  • The first one is the responsibility for all the aspects of a digital product. That means that product managers have to worry with the user experience and with the engineering of their product including the architecture, infrastructure and operation. Product managers also have to worry with legal and financial matters, client support, and product marketing and sales.
  • The second point is that the responsibility takes place during the whole lifecycle of the product. As we will see on Part II — Lifecycle of a software product, the lifecycle of a product has different stages and each one of them requires special attention.
  • The third point is the connection that product management must build between the company’s strategic goals and the problems and needs of clients, which is what we will see next.

Aligning company strategy with customer needs

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The core team for developing software products

  • Desirable: solves problems or fits the needs of clients;
  • Viable: meets the company’s strategic goals; and
  • Feasible: there’s available technology for developing it.

What is the difference between managing a product and a platform?

New concerns in platform management

  • First user: to get a first user who by himself attracts other ones. This is a tactic used by shopping malls when they sign contracts with department stores that attract enough consumers. Later, you can offer spots to other stores, that will certainly be more interested in being in the mall.
  • Social: another way of getting users is to engage on social networks and engines. Something like “tell your friends from Facebook”.
  • Leader user: discover what is the user profile that will be strongly attracted by the idea at the point of being the first one to adopt the platform. Bitcoin attracted several people from technology areas initially who fell in love with the idea of a currency not linked to any government, and they defend the idea passionately.
  • Promote trust: auction and online payment sites usually do this, holding up the buyer’s money until he confirms that he received the product sold to him.
  • Offer quality information: usually, those user-made ratings. The big risk here is to manage false ratings; or a positive evaluation made by the analyzed person or company, and negative ones made by competitors.
  • Restrict the use: turn the subscription and the use more restricted, so that will bring fewer users, but quality ones. That’s what the online dating website eHarmony does. It charges a fairly expensive monthly fee (US$ 50.00) and gives you a very extensive form for you to fill up. In addition, even if its matchmaking algorithm finds several options, it will only present you with a limited number in order to ease up the process of choice.


Digital Product Management Books

  • Startup Guide: How startups and established companies can create profitable digital products
  • Product Management: How to increase the chances of success of your digital product
  • Leading Product Development: The art and science of managing product teams




Digital product development advisor, coach, and board member. Also an open water swimmer and ukulelist.

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Joca Torres

Joca Torres

Digital product development advisor, coach, and board member. Also an open water swimmer and ukulelist.

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