What is the difference between product marketing and product management?

Product Management

In order to define in detail the product or feature to be developed, the product manager needs to know the users of their product, their problems and needs very well. With this information in hand, she can tell in detail how it should be. With the help of an interaction designer, they can draw what it will look like, and how it will solve the problem or meet the needs of users.

Product Marketing

In order to tell the world about the product, the product marketing person must also know its users, their problems and needs. This knowledge is critical to helping the marketing manager define the content and shape of his product message.

Product Marketing and Product Management

Although the functions are quite distinct, there are many areas of contact and even much overlap. In 1960, Edmund Jerome McCarthy, a marketing professor at Michigan State University, proposed the concept of Marketing Mix, popularized by Philip Kotler, which is a set of tools used by the marketing function, with the famous 4 Ps:

  1. Product: refers to the product itself and how it solves a problem or meets a need for a set of people.
  2. Price: at what price this product will be sold? Here we are not talking only about the list price, but also the promotional launch price, discounts for resellers, and so on. Ie, all pricing and pricing conditions for the product.
  3. Promotion: how are we going to tell the world about this product, and how it is able to solve the problem or meet the needs of a set of people? When we think about promotion, the first tool that comes to our minds is advertisement. However, there are many other tools like webinars, events, and even naming. The name of the product, or feature, is a very important promotion tool, especially when we think that people search for products in search engines.
  4. Place: where this product will be made available and sold. Through web? Only through the sales team? Resellers? A combination of the 3 options? Embedded in someone else’s product?

Shared Metrics

I’ve talked a lot about metrics from Chapter Growth: be a “data geek” to Chapter Growth: thoughts on metrics. All metrics discussed in these 4 chapters will be shared between the product manager and the product marketing.


As seen throughout this chapter, product marketing, and product management are very distinct functions, being the first responsible for defining how the product will be commercially offered and telling the world about it, while the second has a responsibility to define in detail what the product will be. Although they are quite distinct, they must work very closely together, because the work of one is the input of the work of the other (and vice versa).

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